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Case Studies

Studio at Aardman

Aardman Animations

Why Aardman Animations chose employee ownership
Animorph Co-op

Animorph Co‑operative

Innovators making changes that matter
The Answer Digital team in from of their building

Answer Digital

Why Answer Digital chose employee ownership over an eight-figure buyout offer from venture capitalists
Ben Philp from Creative Coop

Creative Coop

Designing a creative co‑op
Members of Greencity co-op

Greencity Wholefoods

Flat pay and an equal say
An image of the people at Kinetic


Power to the people: how employee ownership helped Kinetic build business resilience
Leeds Bread Co-op

Leeds Bread Co‑op

Why worker ownership works
ODS team

Open Data Services

Freelancers join forces to tackle corruption and tax evasion
Group of five web developers


Using technology to make a difference for good
Employee owners from Tenscare


How embracing employee ownership helped healthcare product innovator TensCare engage and empower its owners
team at delta t

Delta-T Devices

Providing sensors and loggers for environmental science