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Guide to setting up a worker co-op

Co-ops can be very powerful, but it’s not for everyone. Find out what it involves and where to find out more.

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Things you need to think about

If you are thinking about setting up or converting to a worker co-op, you need to be sure that you:

  • Understand what a co-operative is and what this will mean for your business and your workers
  • Are all willing to follow the co-operative principles and values 
  • Are all happy that all members have an equal say and share in the running of the business
  • Have agreed and understand how decisions will be made in a democratic way
  • Have read and understood the Worker Co-op Code


The Worker Co-op Code

The Worker Co-op Code sets out anyone should expect and work together to achieve, as a member of a worker co-operative.
At Outlandish the workers have equal and direct control over all decisions. We find that this has created a really positive working environment, and ensures people are engaged in the success of the co-op. We reinvest all our surplus income into projects that use technology to create a fairer, better world, and support the growth of the digital co-operative economy.
- Polly Robbins, worker-owner, Outlandish
The worker owners at Outlandish
- Outlandish are a digital agency owned by the workers

Is it right for me? Am I ready?

Answer our questions to decide which ownership solution is right for you

Remember you also need to have a viable business idea. Have you carried out a feasibility study and created a business plan?

Use our step by step tool for starting a co-op

Check out the worker co-op code

Ready to go?

Check out our step by step guide to starting a co-op

Want to know more about worker co-ops?

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